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Submitted on
July 2, 2013


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Warning! This has a "semi-lemon" written in it. If you are not a fan of lemons, or you can't take things getting a little heated...DO NOT READ! Thank-you, and have an amazing day. :) -Cimberla

You enjoyed the feeling of the hot water on your skin. It was a rough morning dealing with Black Star so you needed all the relaxation you could get. You grabbed your shampoo and squeezed a good amount onto your hand. Your (length/color) hair needed a good wash so it can look smooth and silky. You gently rubbed the shampoo in your hair and the smell of strawberries filled you nose. You remembered the conversation the night before when you told Black Star about the party, it made you feel depressed. 
What the hell were you thinking? I could understand one of them but everyone?! Tomorrow night! Why did you pick now to tell me?" Black Star yelled.
        Its true you didn't tell him but you thought it would be a good surprise.
    "Look I'm sorry but I wanted to surprise you, since we haven't seen them in forever I thought it would be good if we all got together and caught up." You told him.
                    He was super pissed.
    "What's the problem? I know I should have told you earlier but your taking this way out of proportion."
Black Star crossed his arms and stared at you. Sighing you gave him a quick kiss on the lips before walking over to your bed. "Tomorrow you will feel better." You laid down and turned your back to him. You could feel him looking at you for a few more minutes before he went out into the hallway.

                                            Black Star was still a little mad at you, but at least he wasn't pissed off. You started to wash the shampoo from your hair when you heard the bathroom door open and close. You stuck your head out the shower curtain, allowed the water and shampoo to run down your face. Black Star was at the sink with a black T-shirt and jeans on, looking down. He seemed like he was talking to himself. He had sweat dripping from his face and his arms had bruises on them. Black Star could most likely feel you looking at him and he turned to look at you, locking his green eyes with your (color) ones. 
                     "What are you looking at?" He snapped.
         "N-nothing." You quickly said. 
                              Black Star looked at you and motioned at your hair.
  "You're going to get shampoo in your eyes." He said. 
                                      You didn't say anything and Black Star took off his T-shirt. You couldn't help but give a soft gasp when you saw his chest. There was a fresh bruise on his side, and what seemed like cuts on his torso. When you were about to say something, shampoo got in your eye and you quickly stuck your head back inside the shower. You washed out all the shampoo from your eye and from your hair. When you were sure the shampoo was out, your grabbed your soap and squeezed some into your loofah and started to wash your upper body. You felt a pair of strong arms wrapped around you and you stopped moving. You felt his hot breath on your neck and you shivered. His arms tightened around you and you felt his tongue on your neck. 
                                              "Is everything ok?" You asked quietly. 
  Black Star responded by biting your neck and gently pulled on the skin that was in his mouth. You moaned softly and Black Star let go of your neck to turn you around, and gently laid you on the shower floor. His blue hair was soaked to his eyes, and the water was hitting his body, and falling off. You moved toward him and kissed him hungrily. Black Star kissed back, making his tongue enter your mouth and intertwine with yours. While you two were kissing Black Star started to insert himself in you. You broke the kiss and let out a moan, which made Black Star thrust in and out of you at a constant pace. You wrapped your arms around him and dug your nails into his back. The hot water blasted down on the two of you, dripping down Black Star's body and onto yours. While looking down at you, Black Star smirked and lowered his mouth beside your ear, and whispered, "idiot", before thrusting harder and claiming your lips with his. With the hot water, and the thrusts that Black Star was constantly increasing, you couldn't take anymore and soon reached your climax, which triggered Black Star's climax as well. You unwrapped your arms and Black Star from on top of you, helping you up with one hand. Once you were both up, he kissed you again and bit your bottom lip.  
                       "I love you (name)..." He whispered. 
 You smiled to yourself and kisses Black Star. 
            "I love you too."

  • Mood: uNF!
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